Leather Knife Roll Cognac 9 Knives


Our kniferoll is handmade in The Netherlands of 100% Cow Leather and is suitable to store nine knifes. The holders within the kniferolls are with different sizes so it is possible to collect various sizes of knifes.
When the kniferoll is filled and rolled up, it can be closed with the two buckles attached to the body. Once rolled up, the knife roll can be worn by hand or crossbody.
By using these kniferoll your knifes will be protected when you take them to a cooking demo, dinner with friends or familie, a festival or maybe an event.
It is a unique item for professional chefs but also for hobbyists and kitchenlovers.

Personalise your kniferoll with your own logo or name!

Sizes: 44,5 cm X 68 cm

Available in various colors